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     Aisling Symes 2 ans NZ

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    Commissaire surveillant
    Commissaire surveillant

    Date d'inscription : 21/09/2007

    MessageSujet: Re: Aisling Symes 2 ans NZ   Mer 14 Oct - 11:08

    Salut Anne
    Mais selon un des articles ils avaient retrouvé le couvercle déplacé de son emplacement normal d'une dizaine de centimètres seulement. Est-ce que l'eau a pu déplacer le couvercle de nouveau?

    Il pleuvait au moment de sa disparition?
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    Officier de Police Judiciaire
    Officier de Police Judiciaire

    Date d'inscription : 23/02/2009

    MessageSujet: Re: Aisling Symes 2 ans NZ   Ven 16 Oct - 22:58

    Final farewell to a 'bundle of love'

    12:49PM Friday Oct 16, 2009
    By Edward Gay
    Aisling's parents Alan and Angela Symes released a dove before the hearse drove away. Photo / NZPA

    Hundreds of mourners at Aisling Symes' funeral today heard she was a "cutie" with a "loving heart" who loved food, funny noises and raspberries being blown on her stomach.
    A large crowd gathered outside Ranui Baptist Church, in west Auckland, as Aisling's close-knit family made their final farewells.
    Alan and Angela Symes took Aisling's's flag-draped casket from the church to the waiting white hearse as the hymn Amazing Grace was played on a whistle.
    The parents of the two year-old clung to each other as a Kuia farewelled their daughter with a karakia.
    Family members released white doves and embraced each other before the hearse drove to a private cremation.
    Police found Aisling's body in a stormwater pipe close to her deceased grandparents' home in Longburn Road, Henderson, on Monday night. The discovery followed a week-long search by police, family and members of the public.

    Eternal significance
    Leading the funeral service, Pastor Russell Watts told mourners of a prayer meeting that was happening at the time Aisling's body was found.
    "As we were praying, the truth came to light," Mr Watts said.
    He said it was a sign from God.
    "A level of compassion is coming into the hearts that was not there before," Mr Watts said.
    He said neighbours were talking to neighbours and people are working together. He said these were good things that should continue.
    "Don't you dare think that effort was not for nothing," Mr Watts said.
    He said what the community did meant something and had "eternal significance".
    He thanked the community who "stood up while our hearts bled" as well as police and local politicians. "Life is so fragile and is so full of change".
    Mr Watts led a prayer in which he said "accidents happen, Lord."
    He said the prayers from the community and family came too late because she was "already enjoying heaven".
    "For us left back here and the family, it hurts, there is a big hole left here," Mr Watts said.
    He said people were "hurting in ways they can't describe".
    The Symes family embraced each other as the congregation sang: Be Thou My Vision.
    Mr Watts told the congregation that he was told by Aisling's Irish father, Alan, that the hymn was always sung at Irish funerals.

    Images of Aisling's life
    A slideshow of images of Aisling, capturing moments of her life were shown to the congregation as an Irish recording of the hymn was also played as background music.
    One photo showed Aisling in a cardboard box with her smiling sister Caitlin. Another showed the sisters on a rocking horse.
    The images showed Aisling with food on her face and in front of two chocolate cakes with the caption: "loved food and birthdays".
    As the background music stopped, the church stood in silence, but the odd bit of laughter broke out from the congregation as images of Aisling enjoying birthday cake were shown.

    Overwhelmed by love
    Relative David Barttle told mourners Aisling's family had been overwhelmed by the community's love and aroha.
    "We can't take it in and can't thank you enough.
    "The food, the flowers, the teddy bears, poems, letters, condolences and hugs," Mr Barttle said.
    He said Aisling, at two years and four months, has been a "bundle of love".
    Aisling's aunt, Aithne, said Aisling Celine Symes' name meant vision of heaven.
    She said Aisling's parents Alan and Angela were not up to addressing to congregation but that she spoke to the couple last night.
    She said Alan recalled the pitter-patter of little feet every morning and Aisling's face as it peered around the bedroom door to see if her parents were awake.
    Aithne also spoke of Aisling's favourite toys that included an elephant and a penguin called pepu.

    She said Aisling was maternal and often wrapped her dolls in blankets around the living room.

    "She spent her last Monday morning doing this," Aithne said.

    'Cutie and a tease
    Aisling's uncle, David Ball said Aisling was a "cutie and a tease".
    He said his niece had a twinkle in her eye and loved to tease the dog with a tin whistle. She loved funny sounds and blowing raspberries, he said.
    Vivian Ball said: "Little Aisling loved being a growling monster, even though she was not that scary".
    Aisling's aunt Christine said the little girl had left a lot of memories.
    She spoke of a two year-old who loved food.
    "Her favourites were strawberries, cheese and cherry tomatoes, so much so, that whenever I see cherry tomatoes, I say Aisling tomatoes."

    A loving heart

    Aisling's cousin Joel described a girl "with a loving heart" and who never wanted to say goodbye when it was time to go.
    "She ran over to her car seat and started dragging it towards the door, she wanted to come home with me," he said.
    Another cousin, Hamish, spoke of Aisling as his best friend.
    He said he would go to Aisling's family home every Tuesday and Friday and was greeted as "Bulalapoon" - Aisling's name for him.
    Hamish said Aisling enjoyed having raspberries blown on her stomach and loved the swing.
    "When you tried to get her off, she decided that was not going to happen, she'd say: "No" and sit on the floor so she could not be picked up.
    Aisling's parents, Alan and Angela, and her sister Caitlin lit a solitary candle on the stage of the small church before the service began.
    The candle stood beneath a plinth with a caged white dove and was surrounded by bouquets of flowers that poured in from mourners throughout the morning.
    Those present at the service included the police officer who led the inquiry into Aisling's disappearance - Inspector Gary Davey - and local politicians Paula Bennett and Chris Carter.

    Message of love
    Messages to the toddler were placed around Ranui Baptist Church, including: "Aisling, may the angels be with you forever".
    There was also a message from her play group which read: "Rest in Peace. Aisling in everyone's hearts and memories"
    Another from Longburn Rd residents said: "You precious girl, rest easy, god bless". Many included pictures of butterflies, a favourite of Aisling.
    Creative Minds Childcare wrote: "We are thinking of you, sending our Aroha". The poster was decorated with glitter and purple and blue hand-prints in acrylic paint.
    Another message read: "Rest in peace, Baby Aisling. You will forever be missed and always in our hearts... Rest easy baby girl."
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    Officier de Police Judiciaire
    Officier de Police Judiciaire

    Date d'inscription : 23/02/2009

    MessageSujet: Re: Aisling Symes 2 ans NZ   Ven 16 Oct - 23:01

    Aisling's 'with the angels now'

    4:00AM Saturday Oct 17, 2009
    By Rachel Tiffen
    Aisling's sister Caitlin clings to a feather in her father's arms. Photo / Sarah Ivey

    As a final farewell to Aisling Symes, her parents released a dove into the air. As it fluttered away, the young mother watched, and watched, until its pure white plumes disappeared.
    It was Angela Symes' goodbye to her baby girl. Lowering her gaze, she slowly turned, melting into her husband's arms.
    Then sister Caitlin, 5, freed a wicker basket full of doves, smiling as they flew out. Her father's mouth turned up slightly as one swooped close to his head.
    It was a celebration of a regrettably short life. After two years and four months, Aisling Celine Symes had only just begun living.
    As hundreds of people packed into the Ranui Baptist Church - among a sea of balloons, flowers, teddy bears and paintings - Pastor Russell Watts tried to explain.
    "She wasn't meant to go this early, it was just an accident," he said. "We so hoped and prayed this wouldn't happen for another 70 or 80 years."
    In her short life, Aisling had touched many people. "For two years this loving, confident, fun, energetic little girl brought so much love and life to so many people," Pastor Watts said, his own eyes red and puffy.
    Life was fragile, he said, but Aisling was playing with the angels now. Over seven long days, as police searched, the toddler stole the hearts of a nation.
    Yesterday, family, friends and complete strangers packed in between the blue walls of the humble church in West Auckland.
    Diesel worker Todd Parker arrived in his overalls, saying, "I just put a hat around at work."
    Rows of police officers sat with their heads bowed, caps in laps, the women crying. Inquiry head Inspector Gary Davey's eyes were lowered, his shoulders bowed.
    As the Symes family remembered their cheeky entertainer, her parents sat up a little straighter. Tales of her dramatic hide-and-seek "Boo!" made their shoulders shake with laugher.
    And then came the ducks. Every day the animal-loving toddler would say, "Mummy, I love ducks", yet her father liked to shoot them.
    "You would think it would upset a little 2-year-old girl, but instead she would say 'Shoot duck, bang bang bang' - her father's daughter, I think," her aunt Aithne Potts laughed.
    Babies cried and toddlers burbled as Aisling's life was celebrated.
    Sister Caitlin - in a pleated green dress, hair immaculately braided and clipped - cuddled into her daddy.
    Close by, a framed picture of her sister - toothy grin in full swing - sat perched on the small white coffin.
    Irish and New Zealand flags were draped over the top, one for each side of the family.
    The "Pooh Pear" teddy, bought the day Aisling disappeared, sat on top.
    She was gone, but not forgotten.
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    MessageSujet: Re: Aisling Symes 2 ans NZ   

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    Aisling Symes 2 ans NZ
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